Rīgas seifi

The only private safe deposit storage in the Baltics.

Private safe deposit storage

Sizes ranging from 35x245x435 to 290x245x435, prices starting from 30.00 € per month.

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Safe, secure, convenient, confidential.

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About us

Rīgas seifi – a professional alternative to the bank.

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Are you going on a vacation? Are you often absent from home and worried about your valuables’ safety?


There may be different reasons to worry, but the solution is one: Rīgas Seifi- the only company in the Baltics that offer non-banking services of safe deposit box rental with a guarantee of full confidentiality and fast access to your valuables.

At clients’ disposal, there are more than 3,000 safe deposit boxes of various sizes, designed to store documents, securities, jewellery, family relics, antiquities and other valuables.

Unlike safe deposit rental service in banks, in Rīgas Seifi you do not have to open an account, undergo a procedure of personal identification and you can access your safe deposit box at any time.

Safe and secure

24-hour armed security, fast and rapid response team.

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  • Safe deposit boxes are located in two underground reinforced concrete vaults with a total area of 100 square meters.
  • Safe depository vault is equipped with special equipment from Swedish company Rosengrens, an expert in the field of storage of valuables.
  • Safe depository vault is equipped with modern surveillance and security systems, fire protection and alarm system.
  • Possibility to order a transfer with security.
  • Your safe deposit content is insured.


Fast registration of deposit box rental without a necessary account opening.

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  • Extended working day. By agreement – 24-hour access to the safe, even on weekends.
  • A wide range of safe deposit box sizes- from standard ones for document storage to more spacious for large objects.
  • Meeting room with office equipment.
  • Equipment for checking and recounting cash bills.
  • The convenient location of the safe deposit storage – in the center of the city. Municipal parking nearby.


Personal identification procedure is not necessary.

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  • The personal identification procedure is not necessary, which allows keeping renter’s personal confidential.
  • Safe deposit storage can be visited by client’s representatives without additional documents. Confidentiality of safe deposit box’s content.
  • Rooms for registration of services and access to the safe deposit box content without video surveillance.

How to use the service?

Contact our representative or get further information by phone +371 28888030 or +371 28888040.


What is the safe deposit box for?

Each of us has things that we want to hide from prying eyes, to make sure that nobody knows about them and to be sure that these values are safe. For these reasons “Rigas Seifi” rents safe deposit boxes, by the way, the popularity of this service on the market is...

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Why can Rigas Seifi be trusted?

The main task of the company “Rīgas seifi”, engaged in the renting of deposit boxes - the full preservation of valuable items that they contain. All possible measures are taken to preserve the contents of deposit boxes. Security measures Our depositary storage,...

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