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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Rīgas Seifi offer?

Rīgas Seifi offers storage of documents and valuables in individual safe deposit boxes, providing full security and confidentiality. Rīgas Seifi storages are located in the center of Riga. In two vaults there are more than 3,000 metal deposit boxes (5 types of safe deposit boxes of different sizes varying by height from 35 mm to 290 mm) and secure warehouse zones for large-sized objects.

Why storage of valuables in Rīgas Seifi is safer than at home?

The tendency of home thefts has greatly increased and it seems that there is not much hope that the situation will change in the near future. Home security equipment provides only limited protection and demands significant financial expenditures. Rīgas Seifi provides a multilevel security system for your safe deposit box and full confidentiality in contrast to a safe that is kept in your house. Secure safe storage provides a convenient way of avoiding risks and extra expenses associated with keeping valuables at home.

Is the service of renting a safe expensive?

Generally, continuous use of security services for your house and/or insurance are more expensive measure. As a consequence of the increase of burglaries, insurance premiums also increased, furthermore often insurance does not cover the whole sum of loss. Security agency does not guarantee 24-hour surveillance. Choose the minimal, but sufficient safe size for your valuables, as well as a longer term of rent – and you will feel the benefits.

What are the advantages of storing documents and valuables in safe deposit boxes of Rīgas Seifi?

Security and absolute confidentiality of the safe deposit box content and client’s identity (in case client chooses unregistered/anonymous service).

How secure is the room where the storage is located?

The storage shell is made up of reinforced concrete walls with integrated noise and vibration detectors. To ensure secure storage of your property, the facility is equipped with the most modern means of surveillance and security, fire-fighting systems, alarm systems, armoured doors and grilles. In a specially equipped security management center, there is an armed security guard present around the clock. Rīgas Seifi cooperates with security company SP Leģions.

How secure are the safes and locks?

Safes, armoured doors and lock systems in Rīgas Seifi are manufactured by the world leader in security, the Swedish company Rosengrens. Starting its history in 1886, Rosengrens specialises in products that offer certified protection against burglary and fire for bank stores and weapons rooms. Refractory metal safes have the VI level of protection against physical attack, the storage doors have certified XII class protection.

What is the difference between the services provided by Rīgas Seifi and those offered by bank safe storages?

Traditionally, people tend to use banks to store valuables and documents, but this also has a number of inconveniences for the client. Visiting of the safe by the client necessarily occurs during working hours of the bank, it is usually necessary to book a meeting, the arrangement of the safe rental requires a lot of time and documents. Unlike banks, Rīgas Seifi provides a unique service – the possibility of renting a safe not only to registered but also to an unregistered client, a safe storage visitation is also possible during non-working hours. The process of registration of the service in Rīgas Seifi takes 5-10 minutes. The client is released from a lengthy procedure – a necessity to first open a bank account, and only then receive the safe at his or her disposal.

What is the difference in rental agreement of safes for registered and unregistered clients?

Unregistered clients, in contrast with registered ones, do not need documents when signing rental agreement.

What documents are necessary for a registered client- private person for renting a safe?

Private person must provide personal identification document.

Can a company (legal person) rent a safe?

Yes, in this case, documents or company requisites containing information about the name, registration number and legal address of the company as well as documents confirming the eligibility of the company representative and his identity document are required.

Can a safe be rented remotely?

No, because personal presence is necessary to generate PIN code and receive keys from a safe. However, a client can remotely (by phone, through the website or e-mail) reserve a safe deposit box of a preferred size, arranging office visitation date with a manager.

What objects do clients usually store in safe deposit boxes?

Rent of a personal safe deposit box is the safest way to store such valuables as cash, precious metals and stones, jewellery, securities, business documents, confidential documents, antiques, relics, works of art, electronic media. In the safe, you can leave objects and things that are of value to you personally, for example, family heirlooms, the loss of which can greatly upset you.

Can I deposit large-sized valuables that do not fit into the standard safe deposit boxes of Rīgas Seifi?

Yes, Rīgas Seifi can store such objects, because the vaults have all the necessary space for this. Dependent on the size of the objects, our staff will offer you the place for storage and tell you the cost of the service.

Can I use the rental service for a short term?

Yes, the service provided by Rīgas Seifi is also demanded by clients who go on vacation or business trip for a short period of time, trusting our company their valuables for a short term rent (for example, 1 month).

Is there a difference in the process of visiting the safe storage for registered and unregistered clients?

There is no difference. Enhanced systems of security and control in safe vaults give Rīgas Seifi considerable advantages for business. Security systems identify each client with exclusive PIN code, safe number and keys. This gives the client instant access.

Can the access to safe storage be provided to client’s representative (for example, a family member of partner)?

The client can give keys from the safe, as well as its number and PIN code to the representative, which is enough to access the safe storage.

Is there a record of who is visiting the safe, the client or representative?

No, clients are not identified when visiting theirs rented safe, because the access is provided only if the client has the key and enters the right PIN code.

Is there a video surveillance in Rīgas Seifi rooms?

Only the current state is recorded.

What is the standard time of staying in the safe vault?

Maximum- 15 minutes, if you need to stay in the vault for a longer time, this issue has to be specified separately.

Is there a list of conditions of safe usage?

Yes, there are rules for renting safes, where the rights and obligations of the client and Rīgas Seifi are specified.

What objects are prohibited from storing in the safe?

Objects and substances which threaten security and health – easily flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, radioactive substances, narcotic and psychotropic substances, any weapons, as well as other items and substances storage of which is prohibited in accordance with legal acts of the Republic of Latvia.

Could the storage be accessed in non-working time?

The safe storage is open on working days from 10.00 to 19.00. Access at the non-working time or individual visitation is available by preliminary agreement, by contacting us by tel. +371 28888030 or +371 28888040.

Is the access to storage available if there is a debt after an ended term of a rental agreement?

Yes, after paying the debt.

What are the payment options?

It is possible to pay by cash, card or bank transfer to Rīgas Seifi account.

Is it possible to pay with an account or card of a third person?

Yes, it is possible, but in the case of paying by bank transfer, it is necessary to indicate the number of the bill/invoice.

What is the guarantee deposit for?

Guarantee deposit is a pledge for two keys issued to a client, which is returned to the client at the end of the rental term.

Is it possible to change the PIN code?

Yes, upon the client’s inquiry it is possible to change the PIN code (for example, for security reasons).

What to do if the client forgot or blocked the PIN?

In a case of entering the wrong PIN-code 5 times, access to the according safe is blocked by the electronic security system. To unlock it is necessary to contact a manager, in the case of loss of the PIN-code – additionally pass the identification procedure. Safe lock’s opening is performed by an invited specialist, the lock is changed for a new one and new pair of keys is issued. Expenses for lock’s opening and issue of new keys are paid by the client.

Can the client ask to change the safe deposit box?

Yes, the client can ask to change the safe deposit box for a more convenient one or of a different size.

What to do if the client lost the keys and cannot open the safe?

When concluding a service for renting a safe, two keys are issued to the client. In a case of loss of both keys, the client has to contact a manager.

Can the client terminate the rent of the safe deposit box early, will there be recalculation in this case?

A client can shorten the rental term by clearing the safe deposit box. In this case, recalculations of rent payment will not be made.

What is necessary for an extension of safe rent?

It is necessary to pay for the extension of the safe rent term.

What is the guarantee of the impossibility of "unauthorised" access to the safe deposit box of the client?

In order to access a safe, a client has to know the number of the safe, PIN code and have the key. Each safe’s lock is unique, two keys are issued to a client, there are no keys to the safe left in Rīgas Seifi.

What will happen to my property in case of company’s bankruptcy?

Unlike banks, the contents of safe deposit box remains the client’s property, not the company’s, hence, is not an object of inventory in case of bankruptcy.

Any questions left?

If you have not found an answer to your question, please write us and we will certainly respond.