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Safe, secure, convenient, confidential.
Safe deposit box rental
“Rīgas Seifi” offers services of storage of documents and valuables in individual safe deposit boxes, providing full security and confidentiality. The storage is located in the center of Riga. More than 3,000 metal safe deposit boxes of five various sizes, from 35 mm to 290 mm height, located in two specially equipped vaults. (Safe deposit boxes, prices and sizes)
Additionally, in the storage, there are located secure warehouse zones for large objects, like paintings or antiquities. Safe contents are confidential and insured. (Rules of safe deposit box rentals).
24-hour access to the safe deposit box
The storage works from 10.00 AM to 7 PM on working days. However, if necessary, the client can access the safe at any time. To do so, please call us on +371 28888030 or +371 28888040. This service is paid for according to the fixed tariffs.
The deal box
Service to ensure both sides comply with the contract.
Using safe deposit box for transaction- it is secure, reliable and quick.
In order to ensure compliance of the contract, parties can sign a three-side agreement, rent a safe deposit box, where the subject of the contract is deposited (for example, cash, documents, valuables etc.). Keys from the deposit box are given to “Rīgas seifi” to store until the end of the transaction. “Rīgas seifi” act as a guarantor of the transaction. After all conditions are met, as specified in three-side agreement (i.e. the required proof and documents are provided), the keys are handed over to one of the partner, who can continue standard usage of deposit box.
Transfer with security
If the client has to move the valuables to the safe deposit box or, on the contrary, take them home from the safe, then by prior agreement with the management it is possible to order the service of transfer with security. The price is specified in each case separately and depends on the type of security, transport and the distance.
Room for meetings and document signing
A business room is located in the safe storage for negotiations with modern office equipment. The room can be rented if the client plans to sign documents directly before storing them in safe deposit box or has to conduct confidential negotiations. “Rīgas Seifi” guarantees the confidentiality of your negotiations. Video surveillance is not conducted in this room. For renting the business room it is necessary to contact the manager preliminary by phone +371 28888030 or +371 28888040.