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The deal box

Using safe deposit box for transaction- it is secure, reliable and quick.
Service to ensure both sides comply with the contract.

How does it work?

  • Sides rent a safe deposit box.
  • Contract parties sign a three-side agreement with “Rīgas seifi”, specifiying based on which documents “Rīgas seifi” will give keys from rented safe depsit box to each party.
  • Parties put into the safe the subject of the contract.
  • Insert keys from safe deposit box into the numbered envelope, sign and give it over to “Rīgas seifi”.
  • “Rīgas seifi” act as a guarantor for this transaction.
  • At the specified date one of the parties provides “Rīgas seifi” with specified documents as mentioned in three-side agreement. If the documents are satisfying the condition of the agreement, “Rīgas seifi” gives this party a key from safe deposit box which contains the subject of the contract.
  • If the documents weren’t provided at the specified date, “Rīgas seifi” returns the keys to the side who deposited the subject of the contract in the beginning.

Any questions left?

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