Nowadays deposit box is a much demanded service that guarantees the preservation and secure location of valuables in a special place. For any valuable item it is possible to select an individual deposit box, since the deposit boxes come in different sizes. In addition, renting of deposit box is an excellent opportunity to close a business deal reliably and honestly.
The deal box
Every business deal requires maximum attention, responsibility and confidence. Often, when a question involves a large sum of money or securities, the parties require certain guarantees of meeting the conditions. In such cases it is worth paying attention to the safe deposit box renting.
It works simply and transparently: the interested parties put in the box the subject of the deal, the keys to which remain in the custody of the private company that provides the service. After the successful deal closing and the fulfillment of all conditions, the keys are transferred to the partner who was supposed to receive the item. Also, the safe deposit box is used during real estate transactions, depositing a certain amount of money for storage, which will be needed in the near future. Access to the safe deposit box in the “Rīgas seifi” is provided round the clock, so the parties can pick up the desired item at any convenient time.
Private safe depository in Riga: your peace of mind without unnecessary hassle.
The company “Rīgas seifi” guarantees the reliability, confidentiality and provision of quality services, when renting the deal box. Applying to our company, the parties will be able to be sure of full implementation of the conditions and honest receipt of the subject of the contract. The risks, in this case, are reduced to zero.