Safety of the deposit boxes Rīgas seifi

The full safety of the contents of the deposit box is one of the cornerstones on which the work of the company Rīgas seifi is built. We are responsible for ensuring the necessary measures for the safety of our clients’ valuables.

The primary security factor is the premises, in which the safety deposit boxes are located. When considering the various options for organizing private safe deposit storage, the former bank safe depository was considered as the best option. It was created specifically to ensure the safety of securities, precious metals and other valuables of bank customers and fully meets modern security requirements. Metric reinforced concrete walls, special armored doors and special grilles in different sections of the storage ensure the safety of private deposit boxes.

The second, but not less important aspect of security is the alarm and video surveillance system. In addition to classical fire alarms and unauthorized access alarms, vibration alarms and a monitoring system for critical areas are installed in the storage. Together, all these electronic systems guarantee the safety of deposit box from unauthorized accessed from outside.

An important step of protection is a system of individual codes and keys for each private safety deposit box. You can be sure that only you (or your authorized person) have access to the deposit box. All software is developed by security specialists in close cooperation with our company and is constantly improving.

Finally, the armed security of the premises in the 24/7 mode has been provided, with the possibility of an emergency call to the operational group, that complements all mechanical and electronic systems.

But even such security system of the company Rīgas seifi is further improved by an option that no bank in Latvia currently provides. This additional advantage is insurance. The contents of each safety deposit box are insured in the company “InterRisk Vienna Insurance Group” AAS (one of the five largest insurance companies in Latvia), for the amount of 4000 EUR. At the request of the client, this amount can be increased for each specific deposit box in the time of signing the contract.

Customers of Rīgas seifi can be assured of the absolute safety of their valuables, which are stored in our safe depository, and a large choice of sizes of safety deposit boxes and storage facilities can satisfy almost any request of our customers.